Sustaining Grinnell's Culture of Excellence: Saurabh Saraf '05

My 4 years at Grinnell have been some of the most influential in my life. Everything about the way the College operates was--and is--special to me. The diversity of the student body helped me appreciate differences and find similarities. The open curriculum allowed me to combine my practical interests with my passions. And the individual attention and small classes nurtured me in ways I much needed as I prepared to enter adulthood.

I give to Grinnell--as a donor, volunteer, and Alumni Council member--because I would not have been able to access these benefits without the contributions of those who gave before me. And I believe that paying it forward is a moral imperative.

I'm always tempted to use one of my many excuses not to give--ranging from paying off loans to saving more for my own future. But I am who and where I am today because of the College, and I recognize that our culture of excellence is just one more of my responsibilities. It is also one of my greatest privileges. 

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