Meet Our Donors: Ed Fry '79

“What better thing to do than to help others enjoy the same positive experiences that you enjoyed.”Ed Fry '79

For Ed Fry ’79, enrolling in a Grinnell summer research program was a turning point in his medical career.

“Much of my academic and personal success goes back to that kind of opportunity as a Grinnell student," says Fry, who majored in chemistry at Grinnell College. "I don't know where I'd be without those opportunities as an undergraduate to do original research, work one-on-one with a faculty mentor, and spend a summer in the science department’s first summer program for sponsored research. What’s more, the department was nurturing, like one big family—my professors had us students over cookouts. And I was surrounded by a lot of smart people who were there only to learn—there was nothing cut-throat about any of it.”

Those opportunities led to Fry’s long and successful career in cardiology, and, from almost the day he completed his schooling, to giving back generously to Grinnell College.

Now an interventional cardiologist, Fry is currently chair of the cardiology division for a large healthcare system in Indianapolis. He now also has the honor of fostering a legacy alum; this spring, his son Collin Fry ’14 graduated with a degree in biochemistry from Grinnell.

Ed Fry has given back to the College so that others could receive the outstanding education that helped him and his son succeed.

“I encourage everyone to remember what Grinnell gave you,” Fry says. “It is also important to remember that philanthropy is just one person, one gift, at a time, no matter the amount of the gift. Giving back to the College is built on a tradition of individual effort.”

His gifts connect that tradition of individual effort with the potential of the future.

“What better thing to do,” Fry says, “than to help others enjoy the same positive experiences that you enjoyed.”