Below are a few of the Grinnell College areas your gift can support. No matter what you choose to support, your generosity will make a difference in the lives and work of Grinnell students, educators, and all whom the College serves.

Financial Aid. Make a difference for a student by supporting either need-based or merit based scholarships. 

Course-EmbeddedTravel. Support the College's recent undertaking to expand its classrooms across the world. Give Grinnell students the chance to get first-hand experience researching what they have studied on campus. 

Innovation FundProvide Grinnell College President Kington with critical support for promising ideas from faculty and staff.

Pioneer Fund. Support Grinnell's operations and provide unrestricted funds for our areas of greatest need.

Academic Divisions or Departments. Directly benefit Grinnell's excellent academic programs.

Athletics. Support Pioneer Athletics players, coaches, and programs.

Libraries. Give to services that are critical to the intellectual vitality of the College. Help Grinnell College Libraries enhance collections, preserve materials, and keep pace with cutting-edge information technologies. Best of all, a gift to the Libraries benefits everyone on campus.

Scholarships, MAPS, Awards, and Prizes. By supporting student scholarships, Mentored Advance Projects (MAPs), and other awards at Grinnell, you support the world’s next generation of leaders and innovators.

Other. Please support an existing department or program of your choice--anything from the music department to women's soccer and student publications. 

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