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Grinnell College CampusYou have an opportunity. You can make a difference—not only right now, on the campus of Grinnell College, but also for many years ahead, around the world. When you give to Grinnell College, you provide scholarships and financial aid, help the College attract and retain the best faculty, and support many of the College’s other priorities. You also provide tomorrow with thinkers and leaders who will drive the causes you most care about, from advances in medicine to curating art treasures to fighting poverty and hunger. 
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Nancy Ying '95: "Grinnell let me figure out who I really was without any risk."

Maren Van Nostrand '88: "I figured no schooll that knew how to have that much fun could be all that bad."
Marcos Ortega '97"At Grinnell, I learned to ask five times if I needed to."
Ric Vranek '69 and Lynda Lamberth Vranek '71"We want to help Grinnell maintain its excellence. We support it because we want it to be available for the next generation of students."
Lee Arbetman '69: "...we should try to make the world better."
Heather Glenn Junker '91 and Walt Junker '89: "We want the school to stay as cool as it was when we were there."

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