Career Development

Alok Shah ’04 participated in the 2013 Externship Program by hosting Sophie Kornbluh ’16 at Alok's workplace, Emmyon, Inc., where he is cofounder and senior research scientist. Sophie considered it a “successful and fascinating experience.”

Grinnell College alumni have always been generous, offering their time and connections to move other Grinnellians along in their careers. In today's challenging job market, your support will not only help Grinnell students gain a competitive edge but also ultimately make a difference in their lives. The time you give a student now can lead to great things.

Can you host a networking dinner? Provide a summer internship? Allow a student to shadow you or a coworker? Let students talk to you by phone about your own career? These are only a few of the ways you might help. And whether you can give an hour or a summer's worth of time, there are students eager to tap your expertise and experience.

We look forward to working with you in this initiative and appreciate your time and dedication to supporting the career endeavors of the next generation of Grinnell graduates.

Benefits for Career Develepment volunteers

  • Connect with talented students who are eager to learn and highly motivated

  • Help students discover their passions, values, and strengths while making connections to the world of work

  • Hear from students about their current experiences at Grinnell

  • Share your career and professional expertise

  • Meet students who may be future potential employees or colleagues

  • Career success is not only a measure of iindividual achievement but also a marker of institutional quality 

    For more information about becoming a career development volunteer, please contact Arlene Holmes, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations for Career Development Programs, at (866) 850-1846.

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