Admission (GRASP)

Claire Reeder '11Volunteers like Claire Reeder '11 (in photo), our Chicago co-coordinator for the Grinnell Regional Admission Support Program (GRASP), work with us to expand our outreach to prospective students across the country.

GRASP Coordinators are alumni volunteers who oversee specific regions organizing recruitment efforts among GRASP volunteers. To see a list of current coordinators and regions, click here (PDF in new window). Not all areas containing GRASP volunteers have regional coordinators. Melanie Drake ’92, assistant director of Alumni Relations for Admission Programs, is the main contact for volunteers outside of coordinator regions.

Interested in playing an important role in the admission process of Grinnell students? Please consider volunteering to serve our Grinnell Regional Admission Support Program (GRASP). Please see our GRASP Volunteer Interest Form

GRASP work supports Grinnell's admission efforts. As a GRASP volunteer, you serve as a representative and as an ambassador of Grinnell College, promoting awareness of our school for prospective students and parents. You also uphold the values inherent in the Grinnell experience by honestly and accurately representing the College.

GRASP volunteers play an important role throughout the admission process. What you do will depend on your interests and the amount of time you have available. You may be asked to help the Office of Admission in one of the following ways:

  • Conduct a formal admission interview on behalf of the Office of Admission.

  • Represent Grinnell College at a local college fair. 

  • Allow the Office of Admission to provide your name, telephone number, and/or e-mail address to interested prospective students and/or parents.
  • Contact prospective students and/or their parents. 

  • Assist the Office of Admission with special prospective student events. 

  • Write, email, or call students who are referred to you by the Office of Admission.

  • For more information on GRASP, please contact Melanie Drake '92, assistant director of Alumni Relations/Admission, at (866) 850-1846.|

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