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Welcome to Forum's media gallery. This section features videos, photographs, and other items of special events, stories, and pages about our alumni, faculty, students, and the campus. If you create original artwork, photography, or video and would like to share it with Grinnell alumni and friends, please let us know by email.


Downtown Des Moines looking east toward capitol building Downtown Des Moines. Is Iowa hot? Check the Alumni News section to see what the talking heads think.


The Size of Things by Zoe Schein '12



On the Rights of the American Voter
Abby Rapoport '08 appears as a roundtable guest in two segments of MSNBC's "Up with Steve Kornacki." View the videos.

Global Grinnell
"Grinnell put us together. This is the meeting place," says Serbian Kristina Duric '13. She and Californian Cynthia Amezcua '14 talk about international friendships, the global Grinnell family, and living abroad. Watch now!

The Bucket Courses
This series of lectures is sponsored by the Community Education Council of the town of Grinnell through its Bucket Courses program.

Watch a video from Joanne Bunge '56 about the Bucket Courses and the Community Education Council.

Click on the titles below to view any of the six lecture videos from the Bucket Courses program. There are five videos in the Leadership in Crisis Series and one video by Beryl Clotfelter.

Leadership in Crisis Series with George Drake '56  
George Drake '56, Grinnell College Professor Emeritus of History and former president of the College, talks about how famous world leaders have handled crisis.

Beginning of the Scientific Enterprise with Beryl Clotfelter
Beryl Clotfelter is Professor Emeritus of Physics at Grinnell College.