How May We Help You?

On July 15, we released the first phase of Forum as a replacement to Loggia’s base functions and features. The July release was a starting point. We wanted to give you a new site and yet one not so finished that we couldn’t learn something from your participation and feedback. Thank you—in addition to a lot of positive feedback, we received great input about areas for improvement, and we have undertaken that work with our web developers. As well, we’ll soon begin developing a whole slate of new features. Because the Forum community is your community, your input is important. As we move forward, we will count on your help, and together, we can propel Forum to reach its true potential as a valuable and useful online community. There’s work ahead, and from time to time, Forum features may go off-line briefly due to web construction. Check back often, invite your friends—and keep in touch! We’re just a click away by email at Thank you again!