Financial Future Update

We believe cost should never be a deterrent to a Grinnell education. We back that belief with a world-leading financial aid program that lets us admit students to Grinnell without regard to their financial circumstances, with admission based on their talents and not on their ability to pay. Grinnell commits to meeting 100 percent of need for admitted students.

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Philanthropy update: $435,690 in Fiscal Year 2014
Donations for need-based aid from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014, totaled $435,690 from 1,714 donors..  

Grinnell College needs an additional $4 million a year in net revenue from a combination of three revenue streamsphilanthropynet tuition revenue, and endowment proceedsto continue current admission and aid policies. The College has made changes in recruitment strategies and in assessing families' resources that may help increase net tuition revenue.

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The More Things Change...   Could it be need-blind was all so simple then? Has time rewritten every line? Or are we really saying the same thing we've always said?

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The Board of Trustees in February 2013 voted to continue the policy of need-blind admission and meeting 100 percent of domestic students' financial need.  

FALL 2015
The Trustees will revisit the issue in their fall 2015 meeting. They will look at three key metrics: philanthropy, net tuition revenue, and endowment proceeds.

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