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Burling Library

Cultivating a sense of community responsibility was something that at least two of our donors, Ric MacDowell ’68 and Vicki Lofquist 71, acquired at Grinnell, where they and other students learned how to lead change on campus. Today they contribute not only to help maintain the College’s emphasis on respect and social justice but also because these principles still guide them in their own lives. Read their stories. 


From the Beginning

S&B ArchivesSearch S&B historical archives going back to 1894, presented by Grinnell College Libraries. Read about the release of the digital archive in "S&B from the Beginning".  

The First Step

Commencement 2014: Hands holding diploma folderA few short months ago, we congratulated the Grinnell students who crossed the Commencement stage. As we reminded them, and as you know, Commencement is but one step in a lifelong relationship with your College. Through engagement and giving this past year, alumni made 2014 a great fiscal year. We need alumni to continue their relationship with Grinnell so that the College may help ensure the brightest possible future for our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Please give to Grinnell College today. Learn more about the priorities you can help the College support this new fiscal year.



It's No Trick—Twitter Is Our Tweet

Just for youan official Grinnell College Alumni and Friends Twitter account. Our goal is to keep you connected, to the College and to each other. Our hashtag is . For more about all the social media options we have for you, including some helpful how-to guides, check out our Be Social page. 


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Posted by Gary Kuhlmann on June 17, 2014 at 09:01am

We learned a lot about revolution, of all kinds. We honored men and women who paved the way. We sang. We danced. We laughed. We reunited. And we used social media to capture a whole bunch of great memories.

Posted by Gary Kuhlmann on June 16, 2014 at 02:20pm

The words we use may be different, but the concept is the same. We didn't call our admission policy "access" or "need-blind" 50 years ago, but the concept threads it