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Take it from Lara Szent-Gyorgyi '89Participating on the stewardship committee has opened my eyes to the many different ways people contribute to Grinnell and reminds me that this happens because the college leaves a lasting impact on those it touches. Parents, alum, staff, town residents and others give financially or volunteer their time in so many ways to ensure that each generation has a great Grinnell experience. Serving as a member of the committee allows me an opportunity to extend thanks on behalf of both the alumni council, but also for the greater alumni community and the current students.

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Recent Discussions

Posted by Jule Meyer on March 22, 2014 at 10:52am

My classmate Scott Porter will be in town to compete. He does marathons all over the country and if I recall his time correctly, he does it in his wheelchair in 2 hrs. and 13 minutes. It should be a special day--and for once I am taking Patriot's Day off (4/21). Will you join me for lunch that day to celebrate Scott and hopefully the long awaited arrival of spring? Suggestions for a venue welcomed!

juleparkmanmeyer@Gmail.com (class of 1980)

Posted by Amanda Keledjian on October 13, 2013 at 11:02pm

Hello everyone,

Your Grinnell-in-DC alumni planning committee works hard to organize fun events for Grinnellians of all ages. We love to explore the city, catch up with friends, and make new ones and people come and go. Please post any ideas you have for future events on the Forum or email amandakeledjian@gmail.com if you have suggestions or questions.