Alumni Council Committees

2015-16 Committee Members (PDF in new window)


Standing Committees
Standing committees facilitate the mission and goals of Grinnell College and its Alumni Council. The specific work of the committees will be determined by the College staff and committee members.

§ Alumni Engagement Committee
Works to facilitate alumni engagement using regional, virtual, and other networks. By bringing alumni together in their regional areas and also increasing awareness of alumni worldwide, Grinnellians will feel connected on a local level, to the College and the extended alumni community. 

§ Alumni Student Connections Committee
Extends meaningful alumni connections to support current students and student programs.  Students informally and formally connect with alumni in a variety of ways already, but this committee focuses on specific programs and coordination to ensure that this connection is both formalized and meaningful for students and alumni alike.  

§ Communications Committee
Works with the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and the Office of Communication on communication and branding issues and encourages connecting alumni with the College through a variety of communication tools.

§ Stewardship Committee
Partners with the Donor Relations area of the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to extend stewardship beyond the scope of office staff and to focus on timely and personal recognition of significant giving, development of compelling impact/outcome items, and crafting and administering programs that bolster volunteer stewardship.

Ad Hoc and Annual Committees
Ad hoc and annual committees are composed of members of the four standing committees. These committees serve to complete specific tasks that affect the entire council.

§ Awards Committee
Works to encourage nominations and select recipients of the annual Alumni Awards presented each year at Reunion.

§ Election and Membership Committee
Manages the elections of president-elect and new members of the Alumni Council. 

§ Executive Committee
The president, past president, president elect, and the chairs of the four standing committees of the Council shall constitute the Executive Committee. 

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