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2005 Graduate Gives the Gift of Education

In time for his 10-year class reunion at Grinnell College, Andrés Chang '05 gets to realize a dream he's had since graduation: to establish an endowed scholarship. Read about Andrés Chang and the Perpetua Fund

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Reunion Weekend 2014 at Grinnell College Harris Dance
For the most up-to-date Grinnell College Reunion Weekend 2015 schedule, click here!

Please note: You'll only find the most accurate and up-to-date schedule on our Reunion web pages. The current schedule was added to our pages on May 20. We are not responsible for cached PDFs of older preliminary schedules that Google and other search engines might pull up. Thank you. 

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Check out our new Grinnellians Wanted page. Right now, we need applicants for the Joseph F. Wall '41 Sesquicentennial Service Award and the Lori Ann Schwab '95 Alumni Grant. 

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What's New in Alumni News? 

The Story of How Grinnell Students Brought Home the Story of Selma On March 25, 1965, an epic demonstration for voting rights ended in a triumphant rally at the Alabama capitol in Montgomery after a 5-day, 50-mile walk from Selma. Among those who were there that historic month of March were Grinnell students who brought home photos and stories for the College's student newspaper. Grinnell College alum and Board of Trustee member Hal Fuson '67 offers his first-hand account.

Gift Announcements 

Karen Van Dusen '77 and Joel Spiegel '78 have pledged $1 million for new learning spaces for Grinnell's humanities and social studies programs. Read about their gift here.

Susan McCurry '71, member of the Grinnell College Board of Trustees, has pledged $4 million to start Global Learning Program. Read more about McCurry's gift here.

A $300,000 gift from M. Anne Spence '66, Board of Trustee member, will advance study of the Classics at Grinnell and support upgrade to the College's humanities and social studies learning spaces. Read about Spence's gift here.  

And Last But Not Least... Scarlet and Give Back Day! We would have to call it a success. But don't take our word for it. Check the numbers yourself. More here. 

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Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 09:45am

We're hoping to leave our car in the Quad Cities so we can head home from the end rather than going back to Grinnell.  
Will anyone be coming from the east through the Quad Cities who would be willing to carpool to Grinnell for the start?  
Otherwise we will probably have to get a shuttle and meet everyone in Sioux City instead of in Grinnell.